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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
by Alene Hill

On January 11, 2011, the National Road Association of Illinois singled out ten familiar Collinsville sites as “artistic and architectural treasures” with a presentation at the Collinsville Public Library.

Among those identified by the organization were:
• Eck’s Service Station, 400 Caseyville Road
• The Horseshoe Restaurant and Lounge (sign), 410 St. Louis Road
• The Oatman House Restaurant, 501 East Main St.
• The Flower Basket, 317 West Main
• Allan & Ciuferi Funeral Home, 314 West Main
• The State Bank (now Teller’s), 102 West Main
• Brooks World’s Largest Catsup Bottle, 800 S. Morrison Ave.
• D.D. Collins House, 621 West Main
• Miner’s Institute Theatre, 201 West Main
• Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site, 30 Ramey St.

More than 35 people braved the winter winds to attend the presentation of plaques by John Goldsmith, NRA of Illinois executive director.

The Collinsville sites are 10 of 100 locations along the National Road selected by a committee as part of the NRA-IL Art and Architecture program. The designated locations will be promoted by the Art and Architecture Tour with signs, brochures and on the NRA-IL website.

The Historic National Road was America’s only road surveyed and built solely with federal funds. Thomas Jefferson signed legislation in 1806 that created the National Road, which begins in Cumberland, Maryland. Construction on the Illinois section began in 1830. Today, U.S. Highway 40 follows much of the original path of the National Road. In Illinois, the National Road runs 164 miles from Marshall to East St. Louis. The National Road Association of Illinois is a not-for-profit organization preserving the road’s history and promoting the corridor to tourists.

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