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miss tWednesday, June 16, 2010
   We freaked when we saw a giant french fry hitch hiking on the side of the road at the base of the catsup bottle ... wouldn't you?!?!?
!  Hahah!
   That giant french fry was actually the very beautiful, very talented, and very creative Dutch artist/filmmaker Sietske Tjallingii. Living in Holland, Miss T (as we like to call her) graduated in 1997 from the audiovisual department of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She has been producing her own short films from The Netherlands through her company Take T Productions. Her films have been featured in numerous international festivals and are distinguished by their ironic humor and subversive commentary on contemporary culture and society... plus, they're just a whole lot of fun!!
   Sietske's latest project is titled "My American Dream" and is produced by Take T and Sasha Dee Production & Management. SDPM is based in Amsterdam and offers a platform for emerging artists - of all disciplines - interested in pushing the limits, crossing borders, and breaking down barriers.
    "My American Dream" brought Miss T, producer Sasha Dees, and director of photography Khamisi Norwood Jr., to the Catsup Bottle. The film will be played out along Route 66 and feature the American car culture of the past. Loopy landmarks and funny Pop architecture set the stage for a surrealistic and existential search through sublime, ridiculous, and absurd dreamlike fantasies.
   Thus, we have a french fry hitch hiking under the World's Largest Catsup Bottle. ...whew!! This was so much fun - the Big Tomato himself even got in on the action!
And to think, we just completely by chance, happened to drive by.

Look for "My American Dream" to be released in 2011 !
A Take T / SDPM Production.

For more information:
•  •  •  www.knorwooddp  •

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miss t
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miss t
miss t
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Sietske Tjallingii
Sietske Tjallingii
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Sietske Tjallingii
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