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I Vant to Drink Your... Catsup!
Twilight: EclipsePosted by ELIZABETH DONALD 
June 30, 2010

Apparently, the stars of the new TWILIGHT movie are Edward, Bella, Jacob... and the World's Largest Catsup Bottle.

Okay, it was probably just a throwaway line to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted Stephanie Meyer's ECLIPSE to the big screen. But according to CultureGeek's spies - they're everywhere - the local movie theater went beserk at one point during the movie.

Independently confirmed from multiple CultureSpies: while looking over a quilt sewn with memories from their many travels, Bella's mother suggests that they visit the World's Largest Catsup Bottle.

For those of you not indigenous to the metro-east, you know that Collinsville is the home of the World's Largest Catsup Bottle. Oh, you can argue about the electronic Heinz bottles over that stadium in Pittsburgh, but the last I looked, an electronic representation of a catsup bottle can't be compared to the 170-foot former water tower that stands over Route 159.

Catsup bottle fan club president and self-described "Big Tomato" Mike Gassmann said his daughter called him at 2 a.m. to squee about the catsup bottle's mention.

While I am personally no big fan of the sparklepires - see my previous reviews for details - it is nice to see our favorite condiment get such a prominent mention. No word yet on whether the three stars might drop by the Catsup Bottle Birthday Bash next month.

Whether or not I personally like the sparklepires, I cannot deny the massive cultural phenomenon they have become. Adults, tweens, boys and girls, the most unlikely candidates have confessed their fondness for this series in such numbers that I feel I shall have to give it another shot. Since the new movie is touted as "inspired by" the book and has a new director with a "darker feel," I might be shocked into... liking it.

But don't bet the Transylvanian castle on that one.

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