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February 27, 2007

I just wanted to share my story with you.

I lived in Collinsville for most of my life and worked at Anderson Hospital for 20 years. I am 48 years old. About six years ago, I traveled with a friend to a Pittsburgh,PA area for vacation.  While there I met a man and we got along very well.  We went out a few times while I was there but then it was time to go home. He called me a few times and then he came to visit me.  I showed him the sights of Collinsville and of course that included the infamous Catsup Bottle. We dated long distance for about a year.

Our relationship was getting serious.  I realized that in order for the relationship to go any further I would have to eventually move to the Pittsburgh area.  I would have to quit my job of 17 years, sell my home and leave my family which included parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. I decided that this was not an option at this point in my life.  I ended the relationship.

Why am I telling you this story? I am getting to that point.  Well, I never did forget this man.  I thought about him all the time.  I dated a few times but it just wasn't the same.  Then three years later, he called me.  We talked for 6 hours.  It was like we had never been apart. He had also dated a few people and he stated that they just weren't "his Cindy".  Well, we got back together and he asked me to marry him.  I still had that hard decision to make that I had three years prior. But this time I decided differently. 

I am now married and living in the Pittsburgh area. We have been married a year and a half. I miss the people I worked with at Anderson Hospital and I miss my family very much.  I talk to my family alot on the phone and we visit. I am very happy and know that I made the right decision.

Oh yes, the reason I sent you this story.  Well, on the evening that my now husband called me, he was watching a program on television.  It was Roadside Attractions.  They were doing an episode on The Catsup Bottle.  It made him think of me.

We consider the Catsup Bottle responsible for our reuniting.  I have a Catsup Bottle ornament that I hang on our Christmas tree.

I just wanted to share this story with you since the Summerfest is approaching.  You may share this story with others if you have a Catsup Bottle bulletin. 

Thank you very very much,
Cindy (Desper) Yetter

PS  I am a miniature spoon collecter.  I would be very interested in purchasing one if you ever make these available for souvenirs.

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