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January 11, 2007
Governor’s "Celebrate! Illinois 2007" Inaugural Ball
Includes World’s Largest Catsup Bottle!

Ball showcases unique communities, traditions, and culture of Illinois.
  When Collinsville City Councilman Joy Springer attended the Governor's Inaugural
Ball in Springfield, she had no idea a little bit of home would be there to greet her.
  "I walked into the Ball and there on the State of Illinois poster is the Catsup Bottle," Springer said. "How cool is that?"

  The Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony for Governor Rod Blagojevich was held January 8th. The Ball was held that evening with the theme of "Celebrate! Illinois 2007." The people, communities, traditions, inventions, and resources that make Illinois so special were the focus of the event. And, of course, that includes the world-famous Brooks catsup bottle water tower.

  Mike "Big Tomato" Gassmann, World's Largest Catsup Bottle Fan Club President said the attention was unexpected and it was quite a surprise when he received the phone call. "Councilman Springer called me at midnight the other night," said Gassmann. "She just said 'You're not going to believe this!'"
governor poster
  Gassmann contends you just never know where the Catsup Bottle will show up next. "This year will see us published in a 4th grade geography text book, another roadside attractions book, and a television program is interested in possibly coming to the Summerfest Birthday Party in July," he said. "We get calls all the time. It's great for the Catsup Bottle and for Collinsville."
  The "Celebrate! Illinois" theme was brought to life with 16 banners showcasing the uniqueness of Illinois. Some of the noteworthy items celebrated included: Twinkies, Illinois wine, Illinois coal, the State Fair Butter Cow, blues music, the ferris wheel, the World's Largest Catsup Bottle, Route 66, and Abraham Lincoln. A commemorative poster featuring pictures of all 16 banners was available to those who attended to Ball.
  Springer said she's really pleased when positive attention is generated for the community and that Collinsville can be recognized with other exciting things throughout the state.
  "Plus, I just really like the poster," she said. "I'm framing this and hanging it in my office."

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