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Catsup Bottle

Good Shepherd Lutheran School Collinsville

Good Shepherd Lutheran School - Collinsville
8th Grade "Bigger Than Life" Project

  Each spring the 8th graders at Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Collinsville, Illinois, have their "Bigger Than Life" art projects to do. Great job kids! You know how we love "BIG" things here at the World's Largest Catsup Bottle Central Command Headquarters! Hey wait a minute - why didn't anyone make a giant catsup bottle???
  We were able to snap a few photos one afternoon while some of the projects were on display in the hallways at school. Enjoy! (Unfortunately we weren't able to get to all of them, so we apologize that some of the projects are missing here.)

biggest ipod biggest popcorn biggest pencil
biggest french fries biggest ice cream cone biggest snitch
biggest kleenex biggest candy kiss
biggest Q-tip
biggest pencil biggest band aid biggest candle biggest candy pop
biggest fork biggest knife biggest tooth brush

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